Why Acupuncture?

      " The Acupuncturist

Told me how Chinese Medicine

Connects the Grief emotion

To the Intestines

And he treated me 

For a painful

Somewhat mysterious malady

Today was a healing feeling experience

Some part of what is trapped inside

Could no longer be repressed, denied,

Had to be expressed, so may

My future life be blessed

With an ability to calmly flow

To let it go

To tell my story

In all of its intricate

Beginnings and endings

Beginnings and endings."

By Lincoln Bergman



Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture & TCM


What is FIVE Element Constitutional acupuncture?

You have arrived at this point in your life when you want to find an answer but you don't know what question to ask, when you feel that something needs to change within you, but you don't know where and how to start.

Why do we get angry when we don't want to appear vulnerable, why do we laugh inappropriately when we feel uncomfortable, why do we deny grief when all we want is to burst into tears, why do we reject help when we desperately are in need of one?

Why do certain emotions rule our lives?

As nature is governed by The Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, so does the man have within him the qualities of these elements.

The emotions associated with Five Elements are:

  • Fire - expression of Joy 
  • Earth - needs sympathy 
  • Metal - expression of Grief; inability to let go
  • Water - expression of Fear
  • Wood - manifestation of Anger

In Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture, the primary imbalance that someone presents is called Constitutional Factor.

For instance, someone who feels angry all the time has the Element Wood in imbalance that needs to be addressed, because this causes all the other Elements to suffer; many of the most dramatic and profound changes that patients can experience are achieved by focusing the treatment on it.

The organs themselves may also become diseased if the person is affected by an intense and long standing emotion. 

Repressed emotions are a secondary cause of disease in Chinese Medicine and the Five Element practitioner will  treat both the person's spirit, as well as the physical complaints.